a place that is usually related to many stereo-types. Some of them are true.
Trucks: all the guys have 'em and girls like 'em big and dirty

Southern Hospitality: yeh, thats right, we are down right nice people. we bring you in and cook for ya

"Southern" accent/language: yes, we have accents. Some are more "country" than others. The accents are sweet and delicate and the ONLY way to talk. As for our language....its Y'ALL not you all.

GRITS: girls raised in the south. We are sweet and sincere people. we are quite simple and very appealing to guys all over! we love our southern boys!
Southern Cookin: HOMEMADE, fried chicken, GRITS and mac & cheese. I dont care who ya are, if you dont like southern cookin...something is wrong with you

religion: we have to types of religion down here.....Sunday Mornin religion: EVERYONE goes to church and has known every single person in that church their entire life. THEN there is our College Football religion: UGA all the way. every saturday, the family & friends gather around the tv to watch football. steaks are goin on the grill and beer for everyone! WE LOVE FOOTBALL

great weather: yeh....it can get pretty dern hot down here but at least we dont have to deal with the freezing cold. Snowy football games are no fun

small towns: oh there are SO many small towns in the south. But its the only way we would have it. the "city" (atlanta) is far too busy for us simple folk to handle. we like knowing everyone that lives in a 20 mile radius of us.

PARTY!!!: yes, there are parties all over the country but the south has some of the best. We dont like frilly or fancy parties that take place in "night clubs" a good 'ole barn party is where its at. We are rowdie people. parties are what we do!

YANKEES: yes....most southerners flinch at the sound of "yankee" but thats because their way of livin' is wierd to us. We love football and UGA. They love hockey and wierd things such as the cold. People up there are too high maitenence.....we throw on some jeans and a tank top and we are good to go. Maybe thats why the guys from all over just love a good ole southern belle. oh yeh, the yankees might have won the civil war but the south shall rise again!!!!
the south is where its at
by G.R.I.T.S. October 16, 2005
Top Definition
Ones Genitals
Missy Elliot - Crazy in Love:
"Got em lookin so cray rite now, crazy rite, now make ya go down south"
by Dan Moat November 13, 2003
1. lower regions of a designated person, place or thing

2. term used to refer to the lower, warmer states in the USA; most are known for having played roles in the Civil War. Often times the people are stereotyped as being closed minded bigots or inbreeding cultural deficient folk. THIS IS A LIE! Southerners are renowned for their hospitallity though this is not true for all. Yes, most of the Southern states played a part in the pro-slave side of the Civil War but people today are more open-minded and educated. People of today can not be blamed for events beyond their control. Also fabled for greasy, salty fattening foods. I need only point out to a northern McDonalds to prove that this is a common misconception although we do make pretty good fried chicken.

3. the south pole
Most of you people don't know anything about the South!
by Luna December 06, 2003
The South is Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and sometimes Florida and Oklahoma. Texas is especially the South cause we embrace our Southernness without shame. The South rules.
The South is the best
by Texan McRebel October 29, 2004
1. The best dam place
2. Three words to describe it are: ice tea, GOD, and the best FOOTBALL the world has ever known!
3. Surprisingly not everyone is a racist, sexist redneck.
4.Best god dam food

5. The south has two religions God and the SEC
The south is the home of the best fried chicken.
by HRT5 November 11, 2014
1. towards the south pole
2. as "the south," the lower half of USA
3. the male genitals
4. down/lower, referring to direction on a wall map.
1. Penguins only live naturally in the south
2. The South will rise again, y'all!
3. don't just kiss my stomach, Babe, go south!
4. When a woman turns 50 her tits really start to go south (ie sag)
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada October 02, 2012
- Southern area
- a spot where half of the farmers are drunk
- a nuts talkitive kid whose real name is Southall
Lets visit the south!
by Polliforny June 13, 2013
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