1. A direction, usually seen pointing downward on a compass.

2. A fairly large region of the United States. It consists of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and the southern half of Virginia. Sometimes Florida is considered part of the South. Kentucky and Missouri are NOT the South. Because of some Southern cultural and social connections, these two states are often considered Southern, but they are Midwestern states.
1. Okay, so to get from Indianapolis to Louisville, you'll have to go south.

2. Missouri and Kentucky are not the South because they had large numbers of Irish and German immigrants, they didn't have strong institutions of slavery, and a lot of the people don't even sound Southern; they have neutral-sounding North or South Midland accents. Only the southernmost third of Kentucky and the southernmost parts of Missouri have truly "southern-sounding" people. Plus most of their economic ties are with their fellow Northern states around them, lots of people in Kentucky are descended from Pennsylvanians who came to Kentucky when it was the frontier in the late 1700s, and the overwhelming majority of both Kentuckians and Missourians fought for the North during the Civil War.
by The Midwestrn Soldier June 05, 2006
A womens backside
Rated 1-10 on how much junk she packs in her trunk
10 being a suitcase of plumpness and 1 being nothing but a meere hand bag, an EMPTY hand bag. also used as a code name when parental units are around
Damn mama packing a 10 in da south
by pascual jr May 03, 2008
To fart badly at someone or on something.
Derived as an opposite use of the term north in the following ways:
1. noun; Semen, cum, sperm.
2. verb; To ejaculate a abnormaly large amount of semen.
3. noun;An ejaculation of abnormaly large amounts of semen
as referring to the porn star Peter North.
I ate 9 tacos last night and have been southing everyone in the office today.

I picked a girls up last night and northed her and then southed her with a smelly blast
by Michael St Metal June 18, 2008
how do you circumsize a redneck?

you kick his sister in the mouth!

incest in south
by hhman July 10, 2008
Southerners are perceived to be ignorant imbeciles with the inability to speak correctly. More than not, that is true, but some of us do know how to say can't instead of caint. Not everyone in the south are as stupid as America makes them out to be. Mississippi may be one of the lowest performing states in the education department, but some of us are well-educated. Not everyone here is a pick- up truck driving, cotton picking, racist rebel, and I don't know why people think that we are...
I don't have an example. Lucedale
place where you go to live if you wanna make crappy wages, be surrounded by hicks , or if you move to a city niggers, sweat your ass off in the summer and freeze your ass off in the winter. most southern girls are ugly and most southern guys are idiots. keeps the 'manufactured home' (aka trailor) industry in business. a cultural wasteland. the people cannot let go of a war that happened 140 years ago.
the south is the butthole, armpit, and scrotum of the united states.
by ffhk1 May 24, 2005
a place that is usually related to many stereo-types. Some of them are true.
Trucks: all the guys have 'em and girls like 'em big and dirty

Southern Hospitality: yeh, thats right, we are down right nice people. we bring you in and cook for ya

"Southern" accent/language: yes, we have accents. Some are more "country" than others. The accents are sweet and delicate and the ONLY way to talk. As for our language....its Y'ALL not you all.

GRITS: girls raised in the south. We are sweet and sincere people. we are quite simple and very appealing to guys all over! we love our southern boys!
Southern Cookin: HOMEMADE, fried chicken, GRITS and mac & cheese. I dont care who ya are, if you dont like southern cookin...something is wrong with you

religion: we have to types of religion down here.....Sunday Mornin religion: EVERYONE goes to church and has known every single person in that church their entire life. THEN there is our College Football religion: UGA all the way. every saturday, the family & friends gather around the tv to watch football. steaks are goin on the grill and beer for everyone! WE LOVE FOOTBALL

great weather: yeh....it can get pretty dern hot down here but at least we dont have to deal with the freezing cold. Snowy football games are no fun

small towns: oh there are SO many small towns in the south. But its the only way we would have it. the "city" (atlanta) is far too busy for us simple folk to handle. we like knowing everyone that lives in a 20 mile radius of us.

PARTY!!!: yes, there are parties all over the country but the south has some of the best. We dont like frilly or fancy parties that take place in "night clubs" a good 'ole barn party is where its at. We are rowdie people. parties are what we do!

YANKEES: yes....most southerners flinch at the sound of "yankee" but thats because their way of livin' is wierd to us. We love football and UGA. They love hockey and wierd things such as the cold. People up there are too high maitenence.....we throw on some jeans and a tank top and we are good to go. Maybe thats why the guys from all over just love a good ole southern belle. oh yeh, the yankees might have won the civil war but the south shall rise again!!!!
the south is where its at
by G.R.I.T.S. October 16, 2005

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