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A word used mainly by faggots. It means absolutely nothing and is often used in rebuttal to an insult, because the user is too retarded to think of anything else.
Person 1: You suck your Dad's dick!
Person 2: Soump!
Person 1: That's not even a word, you're retarded.
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Person 1: "Damn you're ugly!"

Person 2: "SOUMP"
by HAGSlyn September 22, 2010
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Usually used by freshman in highschool to annoy the upper class men. The actual meaning of soump is, "Look who's talking" and is generally a comeback to an insult.
Kid 1: "You're a loser"
Kid 2: "soump"
Uper classmen: "Fuckin freshmen"
by Hank East December 11, 2011
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