1.) The essence of a human. The persona, the collected experiences that create a person current/most recent feelings.
2.)The part of you that goes away when you die. The electricity that powers your body.
3.) Your brain

Often confused with a ghost
I felt my soul flow from my body.
by TheParasite September 12, 2003
A place that exists for the single purpose of hosting a birdhouse for the blue canary in the outlet by the light switch to live in. Also, the part of your body that lives on after you die.
Make a little birdhouse in your soul...
by Keegster April 24, 2003
The musical elements of soul are influenced by the church. Gospel is an earlier version of soul.
Famous soul musicians include Otis Redding, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Areatha Franklin, Bill Withers, Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye.
by pinksequin December 15, 2005
the spiritual, non-physical part of someone or something which is often regarded as the source of individuality, personality, morality, will, emotions and intellect, and which is widely believed to survive in some form after the death of the body;
She is the soul of discretion
by Ankhbayar August 10, 2005
having an outstanding aura, with a brilliant and loving attitude.
Being exceptionally well at a task.
Completeing a task with an indellible inquisitive nature or spiritual quality.
I love this job I do it well cause I got soul.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
1. The idea of an embodiment of human decency, intellect, and life-force. A certain intangible that makes people "human".

2. Something most people who post on this site would apparently sell for a large fries and a Big-Gulp drink at McDonald's.
1. Even though the existence of a soul can't be proven, many people feel "connected to" others, or that humans are superior to animals in an undefinable way.

2. Milhouse gave Bart $5 for his soul on the Simpsons -- at the time this was supposed to be farcical, but like most of satire, this incedent has become a direct parallel of reality.
by Al October 12, 2003
The act of swearing on your soul, if you lie on Soul then the punishment is your soul in eternal damnation. So don't fucking lie!
Marylou: Bro i just fucked your grandma!

Jeanski: Dude! Soul?

Marylou: Nah, just playing.
by Twono, and vin October 24, 2009

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