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The act of swearing on your soul, if you lie on Soul then the punishment is your soul in eternal damnation. So don't fucking lie!
Marylou: Bro i just fucked your grandma!

Jeanski: Dude! Soul?

Marylou: Nah, just playing.
by Twono, and vin October 24, 2009
Technically: a religious concept of an immortal individual conciousness, the mind superimposed on an invisible and supposedly indestructible and universal substance called "spirit."
Colloquially: authenticity, style, or passion. Used almost exclusively in expressions similar to "he's got soul," often used to refer to individual (e.g. improvisational) expression in music styles such as jazz.
Also, a harmonically simple, often syncopated, style of music made by black people such as James Brown, usually played by small groups, though occasionally involving horn sections, related to funk and rock and always having vocals. This music is claimed to embody the above characteristic.
Yngwie Malmsteen, while technically skilled, has no soul whatsoever.
by jazzriff October 10, 2005
An intangible imprint of your body in a virtual world.
I'm taking a few days off work for some soul searching.
by Dewey Decimal Kid July 24, 2006
A graffiti artist from mostly Jackson Michigan,thats just beginning to get up.
I seen some of Mr.SouL's throwies the other day, its getting better and better everytime see it!
by Sir.Davey October 16, 2010
A person who is not conventionally attractive but their awkwardness makes you have sympathy for them, ultimately making them appear cute.
What a soul.
by thejiggleswigglessizzles January 15, 2011
The most cliched word in trying to sound "deep"...if you are going to use it, use it well.
"My soul is a terrible deep black abyss that lives somewhere below my blackhole of a heart.."

"I knew from then deep down in my soul that I was a man."
by beastmeisterman October 10, 2005
(Israeli Slang): 1. An adjective for a person, describing intimacy or closeness, or just affection.
2. A word used to refer to people from whom you have no distance. A person on the street, but not someone of authority.
I love you, my soul.

Soul, pass me the sugar!

Soul, please clean the mess you made in the toilet room.

Soul, go away from here, before I get on you!
by Yashi and Lilac May 21, 2005