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A man-on-man open mouthed kiss that is entirely non-sexual in nature. The act uses a sexual mechanism (ie, tongue kissing) to express an unusually intimate and passionate connection achieved through music, spirituality, or success in violent battle or politics. Several examples have been documented in history, most recently including Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker, as well as Clarence Clemons and Bruce Springsteen.
No more soul kisses... sad day... RIP Big Man.
by little_neddy June 23, 2011
18 9
an open-mouthed kiss involving tongues meeting each other
I've just recently soul kissed my boyfriend
by rubyred2k9 March 10, 2009
20 12
An open-mouthed kiss.
My boyfriend and I soulkiss all the time.
by Lizzie1976 June 06, 2009
6 1
A male, kissing, sucking and licking the female's clitoris
Roll over baby, I'm gonna soul kiss you
by Sue Gray December 26, 2007
19 22
A good Idea that actually works.
- I have no lemon juice to make the salad Sue.

- I've a soul kiss. Put some fresh orange instead, Ed, dear.
by neversopeaceful March 23, 2010
5 13