The best weapon based fighting game in existance. Has many characters and gameplay is awesome.Graphics are superb.Anyone who plays games knows this title.If not...they are a dumbass and need to play this game.So go out and buy it if you havent already
w00t I just got Soul Calibur 2. It owwwwnnzzzzzz
by (insert name here) August 30, 2003
Top Definition
A weapons fighting game made by NAMCO, in which each of the next-gen consoles recieves a console exclusive character.
Retard-"Why won't my Soul Calibur 2 disc work in my Xbox?!"
Me-"Dude, you got it for Gamecube"
by Emennius January 10, 2004
Best 3D fhgter period. Has a quest mode that actually gives you good stuff, I.E weapons stages etc. Has responsive controle and some of the best graphics Ive seen.
It is great for newbs but there is also enough for the strategy nut if you think hard enough. Aslo contains very intereting charecters.
SC is ingenious in it's simplicity.
I just got some new weapons that totaly change my game plan.
by sir December 17, 2003
Scrub-friendly Namco fighter, similar to Tekken and Virtua Fighter in its control style. A favorite among graphics whores.
I'd like to see someone who thinks Soul Calibur 2 is the best weapon fighter ever try Last Blade 2 or Samurai Shodown 2. He'd probably still think so because he'd be pissed off because a fireball motion is too hard.
by N September 17, 2003
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