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Basically the coolest guy you will ever meet and/or a sexy beast. Definitely not a homosexual or fag. Did I mention he does your mother every night?
"Its a bird!"
"Its a Plane!"
No Its Soroosh doing your mom.
by wafflenator May 29, 2010
That person that everyone names as their coolest friend, emergency contact, best person to invite to a party. He's that guy in a good way.
Are you going to that kegger on Friday?

No because Soroosh isn't going to be there.
by sorrybaby December 11, 2009
A lazy whiny bitch kid. He works out a lot, though, so he's mildly attractive, for a sandnigger
Who's that fag over there?

Oh. That's Soroosh.
by Pointmade May 26, 2009