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When two girls have a bromance.
OMG guys, Chloe and Henrietta are totally having a soromance. They only met a week ago and already they have matching duvet sets.
by BethnalGreenPanzer May 20, 2011
Noun, Combined term sororal (sisterly) and romance

A Soromance is a strong relationship between two females where one or both of the females are straight and they are having sex for mutual convenience and pleasure. Any outside observer would consider their actions to be more like a lesbian romance and lesbian sex, however, long term the intimacy of the relationship will most likely end when one of them begins dating or marries a man.

Sismance is a related term, however, in a sismance, there is no sexual element.

Male versions of these two words are framance (with sexual element) and bromance platonic.
A woman should recognize her heart will likely be broken in a soromance unless she is mature about the relationship and recognizes that eventually her friend will eventually begin dating a man.
by pbmaise October 01, 2011

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