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1. It is the female version of a bromance. The intense love shared between heterosexual females.
2. A form of female bonding.
3. A close relationship between two female to such a point where they start to seem like a couple.
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have a total sismance. They are inseperable.
by The Queen of Sismance March 04, 2009
1. The female version of bromance
2. Sisterly love from one female to another
3. Girl-time; Girl-talk.
My friends and I had some quality sismance today
by qualitysismance March 06, 2010
Noun: Bromance without the penis.
Shoka: Dude, those chicks are inseparable.
Other guy: Yeah, they got some serious sismance.
by Shoka00 September 02, 2009
the heterosexual relationship between females. It allows a lot more interaction than a bromance because they are females. "No homo" is implied.
Guy: "Hey! are you two in a relationship?"
Girl: "Nah. Are you dumb? It's a sismance. You wouldn't understand because you're a guy."

Guy: "Sismance isn't real."
Girl: "Well, neither is this relationship between you and me."
by ganadora April 16, 2011
another word for sisterhood. like the term "bromance" but for girls
Let's hang out, we need some sismance time.
by lynchburg linguist May 31, 2011
Like bromance but for girls
My BFF and I have a sismance
by Samantha Payne March 02, 2014
A fictional term created by the heterosexual female community, out of annoyance for the time consuming nature of their boyfriends' bromances
A weak attempt at feminism
bf: "Hey wanna come over this evening?"
gf: "Nah, I got my girl over. We're in a sismance, get over it"
bf: "What the hell? That isn't even a real thing, and it sounds really awful when you say sismance out loud. You just wish you had a bromance like me"
by p_money March 11, 2013
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