One who is a "party pooper." Usually makes a great day worse and gloomy. You don't want to be a sore or be friends with a sore.

Short for "sore loser" just sounds cooler.
Kid 1: Man, today is such a good day!

Kid 2: Think about all the people in the world dying right now... is it still good?

Kid 1: You're such a sore!
by Not a sore October 12, 2011
A word uttered when you are not pleased with something or when you think something is shit. Similar to saying 'shit'
Man 1: "What's your missus like at reverse parking?"

Man 2 (with screwed up face): "Sore"
by Meaning Mark June 02, 2005
Homosexual, particularly a male.
Damn, that nigga sore as fuck.
by Greg Boone February 12, 2004

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