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A internet troll who tries to popularize conservative beliefs. Along with his counterpart and nemesis, the libtroll, he is the most poisonous of trolls
Hahaha! Obama's a soshulist! You are dumb! He is Hitler!OH, I guess I'll be called racist!

Shut up, conservatroll
by Cosman246 August 14, 2010
Perhaps the best font ever, Helvetica is admired for its modernist, neutral design. It has been copied many times, in Arial, Swiss 721, and Univers 95.
Helvetica, helvetica, helvetica. The best font ever
by Cosman246 March 17, 2011
A combination of lolbertarian and libertard, both pejorative terms for libertarians, especially the obnoxious kind that roam on Internet forums without proper grammar, respect, or arguments defending their position. This species is usually very arrogant and idiotic, otherwise, they grow out of it by grad school
by Cosman246 December 30, 2010
A minority of a population forced to keep silent or "in the closet" for fear of stereotypes, ostracism, and silencing by the majority.
Atheists are a forced silent minority-whenever one admits that they are an atheist, they will be stereotyped as an amoral, loud, boorish, fad-follower - never mind if their belief is right or not.
by Cosman246 August 04, 2010
1. The amount of skepticism
2. The act of being skeptical
"I don't believe in the Zodiac."

"Dude, I'm questioning your skepticality. You read your horoscope, like, every day!"
by Cosman246 July 09, 2009
Some Obnoxious Randroid Economist

Followers of the more "Reason!" "Freedom!" "Liberty!" "Anyone who disagrees with us is stupid or anti-man!" strains of neoliberalism
Man, Alan Greenspan was SORE
by Cosman246 September 01, 2010
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