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Sopme is a meme that originated from the popular Garry's Mod forum "Facepunch Studios". It was created when a user mispelled the word some in his title "I WANT SOPME ANSWERS!". Responding users quickly picked up on this with such responses as "You want some soap?" and "SOPME!".
I want sopme pizza.
by VETJasper August 01, 2008
Sopme is a word used in place of "some". It first appeared in the FacePunch Studios Forums on October 22-23, 2005.

In Facepunch, the word has become something of a fad.
Sopmetimes, I fell asleep to the sounds of my screams. Then I wake up to the sounds of my screams

Who's got sopme beer!?
by Tazers October 22, 2006
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