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Wen a nigga puts u in ur place.

Usually a last resort for people who have to check a nigga without actually slappin his kufi off.

wen a nigga think he smarter then u n try 2 pull rank, son him out.

Person1: "Yo I brought n 8th for like $200 so I'm makin MAD pc"

Person2: ".....Nigga u a retard 8ths suppose to go for $60 u lost profit"

Person1: "Nigga stfu i been fuckin wit drugs since i was in da 7th grade whut u know bout prices?"

Person2: "First off, u 19 years old n u still in da 7th grade so I can tell u suck at math, second off I actually Sell narcotics and am pretty good at it so unless u got atleast 9 or 10 custies that can stamp ur lil ghetto report card u a loser in my book"

Narrator: Who u think got sonned out? U be da judge.
by CyphA Sunn September 02, 2007
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