The last "little mistake" the White House made, back in 2004.

Person 1: Did you hear that Dubya was reelected?
Person 2: Damn son of a Bush.
Person 1: True, but where brains are concerned, the family resemblance is somewhat weak...
by Soda1234 March 01, 2009
Top Definition
An excited utterance or exclamation muttered by US tourists when traveling overseas during the term of the 43rd US president - George W Bush (2001–2009).

President Bush's aggressive policies drew the ire of many people worldwide. So much so, that being a US citizen traveling abroad invoked a certain scorn from the locals, which prompted this defensive mantra.
Hey!! I don't like my president either. Please understand that I didn't vote for that Son of a Bush!!!
by Jan-chan December 30, 2009
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