Top Definition
1. Male offspring of a legend

2. Expression denoting angst, exasperation or vexation followed by a brief or otherwise lengthy explanation of the situation. Used in place of the popular outcry "Son of a Bitch" when something slightly more derogatory and insulting is needed.
1. Jim: "Hey man, what happened last night?"

Eric: "I don't know man. I found this group of Swedish foreign exchange students. One thing lead to another I guess. Anyways, I woke up with 10 beautiful, blonde chicks and that homeless guy who sits on 5th street... I was the only one who spoke English."

Jim: "You son of a pornstar! Your mother would be proud."

2. "Son of a Pornstar! This isn't weed its oregano! You have got to be the most worthless person I know. Did someone pee inside your mother before they came?"
by mpenzi January 15, 2011
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