Something Awful is a sort of "hub" of the special brand of humor unique to the Internet. The target audience is males between the ages of 13 and 25.

Concerning the public areas of Something Awful: People typically either really love or really hate Something Awful. Reading the articles may lead you to notice a sort of formulaic writing style that pervades them. It's almost as if Lowtax created a Mad Libs sheet that has been declared the proper format for all articles until the end of time. This does not prevent some of them from being humorous, however, much of it is quite tired.

Concerning the forums, Something Awful initiates for all new forum members what can be percieved as a strange form of Internet hazing. While one might see this as entirely negative, it has a practical application. Via this "e-hazing" SAF creates and propagates an unusually strict social code which all goons must abide by lest they face ostracization by other users and perhaps even harassment by moderators, a phenomenon not typically seen on forums. The positive side of this forum management method is that the inevitable degradation of forum quality, while present, is dramatically slowed and even controlled to some extent. The negative qualities of this style of forum management are that the forum is full of unthinking sycophants and that while forum quality may not drop as rapidly as at other sites, it also cannot ever reach the peak of its potential. Think of it as a bright flame that quickly flickers out, compared to a long-burning flame that casts less light.

Another thing to note is that while Something Awful constantly berates its own members for the use (and especially overuse) of catchphrases, it is its own strict social guidelines which create the perfect environment in which popular catchphrases become an epidemic - goon see, goony-goon-goon do.
My friend got shat on for mentioning his enjoyment of Naruto, but Something Awful advertizes on their front page. What the fuck is up with that shit?
by The Iconoclast March 30, 2005
Top Definition
A comedy website run by Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka which is known for being the last bastion of completely irreverent humor. I mean, come on, face it, anything can be funny if you look at it the right way. Remember - tragedies kill people, laughing at tragedies doesn't.

Don't like people who will joke about anything? You don't ever have to visit something awful. No one's going to make you, I promise.
I was totally on the internet yesterday, man. I was over at those forums they got on that something awful, it was some serious business.
by j00sb0x February 23, 2005
A humor site. (in)Famous for ridiculing nearly everything else on the internet. Features include; daily front page articles, a large forum, 'Photoshop Phriday', and irreverent reviews.

Though everything is a fair game for the 'goons' of SA's humor, members of the furry and livejournal community seem to be prime targets.
"Haha, Something Awful is hilarious!"

"Man, Something Awful pisses me off."
by . February 22, 2005
A comedy website that was funny about 6 years ago. Has grown into a sprawling mess of arrogance, petulence and tired pseudo-irony. Still has the occasional gem but more often than not misses the mark with its rambling 'comedy' diatribes and just plain depressing forums.
Inclusion of angsty teenager David Thorpe just demonstrates how low the website has sunk.
Something Awful is no longer funny.
by e February 07, 2005
A lame website with even lamer forums. However, if you by any chance like feminazi mods, forum downtime from comically inept script writers, MS paint, pathetic personal e/n stories, fat nerds with neckbeards, extra features that cost money and are usually broken, circle jerk threads, smug, whiny rich kids, unfunny spamboards (BYOB), and people who can't take a joke or laugh at themselves, then this is the forum for you.
Something Awful was cool......back in 2002.
by radium October 29, 2006
A former comedy website that is now home to Intro to Sociology dropouts who learned everything they know about "progressive" issues from tumblr blogs.

Typical post: ya i dont believe in nationalism because im a soclialist. get me out of this primitive country heh stupid republiKKKans
I visited Something Awful and learned a lot about the patriarchal heterosexistic cis-gender white conspiracy to victim-shame aborted porn stars.
by saboop August 24, 2012
A website which used to be funny, but now only attracts people with poor social skills and a limited abillity to interact with other people. (See also: goon.)

Most of the creativity has been sucked out of Something Awful by the repetitive use of lame catchphrases and wanksters who vandalize message boards and forums. This is why Something Awful has deservedly gained a reputation for being a haven for pathetic little shitstains and lamers.
Being a comedian is about making other people laugh, not making yourself laugh. No wonder Something Awful can't find the funny anymore.
by Lowtax Needs To Clean House February 28, 2005
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