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Solveig: Is a introspective, artistic, usually blonde female possibly originating from Norway.

She is funny, witty, musical, beautiful and down to earth and could be found outdoors in nature, sniffing flowers, patting children on the head and leading them to beautiful, splendid rivers. She is almost enchanted looking with hair like a river of gold.

However, she has a sneeky side that, like the elves and knomes of Norwegian folklore, comes out if provoked.. Watch out for this one, known to break hearts because she is easily fallen for but not to be a kept woman.
Wow did you see that wonderous maiden riding that unicorn... I think it might have been Solveig
by beanie66 January 01, 2010
A very common name orginating in Norway.
Meaning: Sunny Path, And is pronounced in various ways. Such as the ones that follow:
by Solveig July 13, 2005
A Hyper, Fun, SEXY, Girly Girl Thats up for Almost evrey thing And She is bare buff
Solveig is bare buff
by Charlie Robinson November 06, 2003
A girl who hates most people, and is a bitch sometimes.

The name is often used in Norway
Oh god, look at her! She's such a Solveig!
by Helso April 08, 2015
my bff who I'm going treasure hunting with in VEGAS! WOOHOO Spring break will rock
ummmm solves is too random for an example
by ELLABELLA March 04, 2005
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