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Solo Slut

When a girl.
A: dresses like a slut.
B: acts like a slut.
C: cannot get the guys to be a slut.

A and B dont have to both be present in this "Solo Slut"
But the combiniation of A & C Or B & C Must exist We call those Solo Slut Recruits
Those who posses the all three traits are what we call Master of the Solo Sluttigion

It is rumored that The first solo slut ever known to exist was spotted signing up for a school south of plainfield.
Discount Administrator,
Cody:"hey you know who shellsea is?"
Matt:" shellsea who?"
Jovanni: "ShellSea rodriquez?"
Cody: "yea her! shes sucha fucking solo slut!"
Shellsea:" i'm a fat bitch that looks like a pig YEE HAW!"
by Discount Administrator June 22, 2010
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