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Solidus_Snake, not to be confused with the Metal Gear Solid character, is the persona of an individual on IRC. Unbeknown to him, not many people take a liking to him as he acts childish and insincere to others. He lacks the ability to form complex and successful insults (See Examples) and seemingly lacks the ability to man up and use his mind to outwit people. He'd rather boast and show off the power given to him by some unsuspecting individual.

This character has also been known to try to sass up girls on IRC. Pathetic much? Although he tries, he's known to be very unsuccessful as most girls just use him knowing what a loser he is. If calculated, the success rate for said sassing would be approximately .0001%, mainly due to calibration error in the apparatus used to measure which would otherwise give him a good 'ole 0%. He also shows possession in said girls. Which is.. lol at best. Especially when they don't see him anymore than a name on IRC.

In Addition to weak insults and unsuccessful sassing, the only thing he contributes is his jealousy of others and the ability of bragging about the useless expensive things he buys, which the average Joe would actually find as a big waste and not really "all that" anyway.

He's a well known power abuser as well, give him a taste and he'll use it when in disagreement. Seriously, win an argument with your mind not your status. When said power is taken away, however, he will complain and bitch and moan until he gets it back trying to push all the blame onto someone else rather than his trigger-happy fingers.

Not only that, but his knowledge seems to be very limited to the things he's come in contact with. By that, I mean that he will use biased sources in order to prove himself to be "right." Such a said source would be this very UrbanDictionary.

If another said person were to exist, be sure to call him/her a "Solidus Underscore Snake". Hopefully people know what you mean.
Examples of insults:
He's Canadian yet he accuses people of being Republican because he thinks it's insulting:
<Solidus_Snake> REPUBLICAN!!!!!!

That's because his definition of republican is from this site.

Wow, your knowledge of government agencies must have stemmed from.. Call of Duty 4?
*Solidus_Snake sends the SAS after <nickname>

*Solidus_Snake huggles stephie
*Solidus_Snake cuddles with Miu-chan

by Big_Boss_of_rizon April 22, 2008
A type of assvibrator. It is unique for the fact that it uses 3 joints instead of 1 or 2, hence the name, "solidus_snake." It was made by temjin ninpo industries as an attempt to monopolize the sex toy market, but lacks sufficient intelligence to do anything other than wriggle around like the worm he is.
steve: hey bob, did you hear about that gay guy, joe? bob: yeah, he got one of those solidus_snakes. steve: lol, what a gay fag. joe: ...
by solidus.snake April 24, 2008
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