Get a blowjob from a girl outside of her parents house in the deadzone between sensor light
1: Dude, I just got a Solid Snake from my GF
2: Nice!
by Fowly January 04, 2015
When a shit sneaks up on you out of nowhere, and it easily slips out.
"Oh man, I'll be back I gotta take a Solid Snake."

"Haha, I guess he found your Anal Gear."
by OMGHOTNESS May 11, 2010
The most badass soldier you will ever see. Ever.
That genome soldier whipped out his gat, but solid snake was like "whatev" and proceeded to beat the shit out of him.

Everyone wishes they could be as awesome as Solid Snake.
by Hank February 16, 2005
To have an erection.
wow, i just got a solid snake
by John_to_the_K October 06, 2008
SolidSnake is a big fucking ass...
by Laine November 05, 2003
hey look, i am solidsnaking! Meaning: hey look, i am laming online!
by p00pie June 10, 2003
A lame cuntface who does not obey any internet rule.
Somebody who solidsnakes has a tiny weener.
by LmaomanSpuNx June 07, 2003

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