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Some weed that tears you to pieces.
*Nog* I'm so mothafuckin' high I could eat a star.

*Nig* You know, I bet that guy who gave me that Recees Cup at the crosswalk once wanted to molest me... do you remember Cowboys of Moo Mesa?

*Nog* I remember eating a goddamn peanutbutter and sardine sandwich thanks to this Wolverine we be smokin'.
by EightEqualsD September 23, 2007
Very, very sticky weed. As coined by T.I. in the classic "Rubberband Man" in the line

"Herb so sticky it stick to the walls like Spiderman"
*Nig* Where dem tweeds at yo?

*Grimace* Stuck to the goddamn ceiling man, I got that mothafuckin' Spiderman.
by EightEqualsD September 23, 2007
Slang term for a two miligram blue Xanax, not to be confused with Viagra, which has been known under the name "Blue Bomb" which is similar for the fictional cyborg hero's nickname "The Blue Bomber"
*Nog* Why am I in jail?

*Prison Guard* You ate twenty Megamans, wrecked into an SUV, and fist-fought three cops.

*Nog* WhatsthefuckanSUV?
by EightEqualsD September 23, 2007
Some really good creeper weed, i.e gets you higher as time passes.
*Nig* Nigga that was some Solid Snake up in here tonight.

*Nog* You're correct, it wasn't hitting me at first but now I can't find my pants.
by EightEqualsD September 23, 2007

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