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Some guy from the Metal Gear Solid series that sneaks around in boxes and carries many things and has conversations on his high tech phone sometimes at bad times. He also picks up random animals for health.
Solid snake, u there? Snake. Snake? SNAKE!!!!!
by thedarkyoshi August 29, 2007
A snake with no spot or design on it. Just plain solid snake.
"Hey, I just found a solid snake under my bedroom"!
by Travis R October 18, 2007
in reference to fecal matter, taking a solid dump
dude, i just took a huge solid snake!
by HUNK6677 July 10, 2008
The owner and sporter of a mullit or it's many variations and the term for the hair cut its self
i.e to have a Solid Snake

N.B. to be kept away from Ocelot's at all times
Jesus look at that drummers hair hes got a right Solid Snake
by Barry Pap April 29, 2003
A boner; erection of a penis. Taken from Hideo Kojima's videogame character, Solid Snake.
Dude, when she was bending over like that, I started to get a Solid Snake!
by LSF May 25, 2003
A large, slimy, ranked-out (but firm!) turd somebody leaves on your porch, car, bed, or sleeping cat. Derived from the popular game series Metal Gear. Looks like it has been rotting there for a fucking week! Smells like all hell unleashed, and is so fucking hard to get its stains off of cat fur. Fuck you, whoever you are, Muffin smells like a shitpit!
Person 1: dude, someone left a solid snake on your cat!
*snorts with mirth*
Person 2: Holy fuck!
*shakes with anger*
Muffin the cat: Meow?
by SOAD fan September 19, 2006
a character who fully emcompasses videogaming's masturbitory like quality.
stop playing with your solid snake and get some fresh air for a change.
by anonymous March 02, 2005