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French-The sun


A very velupsious girl and pretty. Can be jealous but not overly jealous. Is a tease, if you are trying to "get some" from a Soleil think again you might have to wait until marriage. Can be very violent. Dont get her mad cuz she can knock you out. Doesnt have the best choice of people that she hangs out with but she doesnt judge. Older men are usually attracted to a Soleil. Soleil's usually dont look their age, they look about 2 or 3 years older. Likes long term relationships,can fall for someone very easily. Ususlly perfers carmel colored guys. Never dates anyone her own age even though she might find them attractive.
Guy 1-did your girl give it up yet?
Guy 2-heck naw shes such a Soleil!
#tease #velupsious #soleil #pretty #uneasy
by frika frika fresh April 28, 2009
A hot chick that does her own thing. Doesn't like to put up with BS so save it bc she's too tired looking pretty, and being AWESOME. GREAT could watch her ALLllllllll night;) You wanna hook up, but your probably too intimidated by her swinging a$$ to say 'hi'. If you aren't then your probably drunk/stupid/FUCKING AWESOME..esp at dancing. Prob looks young for her age and that is both appealing and weird until you know for sure.
DAMN! that chick is such a Soleil. Lookit those moves. If I wasn't so drunk, and retarded I'd try and bust a move up on that. But for now 'll admire from afar and smile and hope she notices.

NIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeee!!! that Soleil is F-ing hawt!!!
#smokin' #hottie #trollop #goddess #babe #too much sex appeal
by thekingoffrance November 21, 2011
A Soleil is great dancer, and really, REALLY, hot. Completely dazzling, but she likes to deny that fact. She can be unusual, but so is to be expected from a Soleil. She won't date you for a while, but she still may be available. Watch out, she's very, very, very, easy to fall for. also, it's pronounced So-lay, she can get offended if you call her anything else.
"Aw man, she's a Soleil!
#dance #hot #majestic #soleil #awesome
by Marines_OORAH! January 28, 2015
French Word Meaning Sun.


A pretty blonde girl with high standards, but will contradict herself. Not good to trust a Soleil, they are known for lying.
Sarah: So your not allowed to Drink, But your girlfriend got drunk this weekend?

Mike: Yep

Sarah: thats some Soleil busllcrap.
#contradict #sun #girl #hyprocrit #crybaby
by .!Tall!. March 04, 2009
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