Is a french word meaning "Soldier"
The soldat shot me in the chest
by Terry Galon November 08, 2004
Top Definition
Super 1337 Game for PC made by michal marcinkowski. 2d Multiplayer shooter. Great Weapons, Multi online and LAN play....this game is teh saix!
I was playing Soldat and i owned
by BObo D. HObo April 27, 2004
A badass 2D Shooter for the PC.
Soldat rocks out loud
by Bob... Just Bob November 27, 2004
A kickass free multiplar online game. Play it NOW.
Soldier(3) got pwned by BManx2000 in Soldat.
by BManx2000 April 27, 2004
A kickass free multiplayer online game. Play it NOW.
You were killed by BManx2000
by Cookie. January 17, 2005
A 2D multiplayer shooter based on the real-life laws of physics. Despite the third-world graphics, the gameplay is incredible. Definitely worth checking out.
(Tip for new players: stay away from the m79. You will be labeled a "noob" if you can't use it worth a crap. And stay away from the minigun. Nobody can use it worth a crap.)
Typical Soldat conversation:
IAmGangsta!!!111oneone:I pwn
Major:**** u1
IAmGangsta!!!111oneone:triple kill!
Major:how u thro nife?
Major:tell me how thro nife!
Major has left the game.
by Soundwaave June 02, 2006
The Latin term for "Soldier".
"Eternal Soldier translates to'Eternum Soldat'"
by SwtMsT September 20, 2005
a nice buggy MP game, suxy, yet fun =D
This is an example :D
by ThE Ag3 April 29, 2004
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