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Beyoncé's shadow.

A bad ass street fighter. Well known for instigating frantic death matches in elevators.

Jay Z's 100th problem.
"Is that Solange Knowles over there?"

"I don't know... is anyone bleeding?"
by cfh nb May 12, 2014
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An amazing R&B singer from Houston, Texas, who has for a while been a backing singer on lots of albums, but became famous herself when she had her breakthrough second album 'Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street dreams', which is just plain brilliant. She's also Beyonce's younger sister.
Jason: Hey, I heard a song called 'I Decided' the other day on the radio, it was really good!
Ellen: Yeah, it's Solange Knowles, her album is amazing!
by solangeisthebest April 14, 2009
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