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Pretty much one of the most wonderful women like ever. If you don't love her and won't treat her right go see your doctor because there's something wrong with you.
Dictionary definition: Wonderful ex: Maxine
by Leebyres September 27, 2011
The most beautiful, charming, happy, joyful little bundle of cuteness I have ever seen or met. She will make you laugh until your sides hurt with her adorable little expressions and ways. The way she touches your heart is truly unique and her smile lights up the darkest deepest depths.
Person 1: Who is the person that warms your heart the most?

Person 2: My beautiful bundle of Joy; Sola.
by Leebyres September 26, 2011
Nancy is quite possibly the funniest most charming girl I know. Nancy brings tears of laughter and joy to your eyes but will always be there to wipe away your sad tears. She will hold your hand through anything. Nancy is gorgeous, unique, hilarious, intelligent and she's one of the greatest friend anyone can have!
Girl 1: Who's you best friend?
Girl 2: Oh no question it's Nancy! She's hilarious!
by Leebyres September 25, 2011

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