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5 definitions by FreddyMcV

Term often uttered by a doctor after he is hit in the nose by a patient whose tendons have healed a little tight
Doctor: Ow! Funky butt lovin!

George: Did he say, "funky butt-loving"?

-paraphrased from the 1993 movie "Rookie of the Year"
by FreddyMcV March 23, 2007
The sorry excuse for Internet offered by the Motorola Q SmartPhone
Scott, get off that gaybernet and Wikipedia like a real man!
by FreddyMcV March 23, 2007
In gambling, the act of risking a large sum of money in a final attempt to win back your losses
Ryan: Whoa Dan, why don’t you just stop and cut your losses.
Dan: Screw that, I’m just gunna Scare It Back!
by FreddyMcV March 23, 2007
A literary device used to initiate conversation with a female
SoHo…you gunna suck me off or what?
by FreddyMcV March 23, 2007
Name for an unfortunate vagina containing a redirected flatulence (fart)
I used to think she was hot till I opened that fart taco.
by FreddyMcV March 23, 2007