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A crew that were happyy in the begining but now there is a divide. consists of Aiden,Alfie,Josh,Alex(f),lorna,Bexx,Andy,Joe,Frey,Lucy,Hannah R,Hannah C,Pinn (when he comes in),Tasha,Charlie,Katie,Sadly enough elle,Dom,Sarah,Ellie,Ellen,Charlotte,Rahael,Rebecca,Tanya and soon to join..Nick B and maybe Andy Sage.
"Fuck its the Sofa Cru"
"Whos the Sofa Cru?"
"Well they are no KY"
by jebus May 01, 2004

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A group of 'm8s' who hang around shitty sofas all lunch time due to boredom overload at college. Try to have a laff but that is sumtimes spoilt by certain ppl whu claim that the fun ppl have caused a 'divide' in the so-called-group! Do we care? no...get happy or bugger off!
"Who's on th sofas?"
"Oh Shit its that song AGAIN"
"Aiden and Lorna...u r the most hated ppl EVER" erm yer woteva ;)
by splat May 07, 2004
a gang of students from Esher College who "frolic amongst the couches" listening to cheesy pop on the telly. Consists of the coach cru, croydon cru and busted cru bu most importantly the fun cru who are the best and therefore hated by the most jealous, boring sofa cru members.
"*tut* you're SO immature Aiden/Lorna"
"he wasnt CHRISTENED Boris!"
by Mingle Me May 15, 2004