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A type of carbonated liquid container that is designed by dumb people in order to piss off the drinker by not letting them get the last drop.
It took me a whole friggin hour to get that last drop from the soda can!
by nopyo October 01, 2007
The Human Anus,as it refers to virginity. If you've ever taken it in the butt,your soda can is then said to be "crushed".
Dude,my soda can is in pristene order!
by Red-Raven June 25, 2004
An ugly female.
An ugly female often seen with attractive females.
Often it is the case of when several girls are noticed, all are pretty and one is ugly. Comes from the image of a beautiful serene lake and the view is spoiled by a soda can that has been thrown in the water.
"That bitch ain't nothing but a soda can."
by Al May 09, 2006
a fat stupid person with a below average IQ
Larry is such a sodacan it's not even funny
by bobulon griggs April 08, 2004
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