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3 definitions by nopyo

A nickname for someone who overuses torpedos in a navy/battleship game (i.e. NavyField)
Holy crap, that torp whore just sent 20 torps toward us!
by nopyo October 25, 2007
15 7
A type of carbonated liquid container that is designed by dumb people in order to piss off the drinker by not letting them get the last drop.
It took me a whole friggin hour to get that last drop from the soda can!
by nopyo October 01, 2007
7 2
Acronym for "Laughing Utterly Loud". Mostly used online when reacting to something that is dumb and funny at the same time.
Noob1: haha i just tked my entire team

Noob2: lul
by nopyo March 11, 2008
16 88