1. (n) A hole that you plug something in to, like a lightbulb.
2a. (n) A derogatory term for a woman or girl whose only purpose in life is as a receptical for penile penetration.
2b. (n) An affectionate term for a sex partner who is about to become a receptical for penile penetration.
3. (n) The vagina, anus, or mouth of said woman or girl.

See also Cock-socket.
1. "I can't get this lightbulb in the socket!"
2a. "That chick's a socket if I ever saw one. She's had more dick in her than Mrs. Nixon."
2b. "Come here, my little socket. I've got something for you."
3. "Shut your socket, bitch, before I plug it with my dick."
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Uptempo beat that resets every 8 or 16 bars
Smoke held that Socket for like 20 mins. straight.
by D-Roc March 11, 2003
"to socket" someone is for a female to have sex with a man. The female equivalent of "to bone".
"Damn I'd like to socket him!"
by emmelineysun August 12, 2011
like a frocket (front pocket) but on the side. aka a side pocket, usually the term refers to the tiny pocket found on the inside of Nike fit shorts or jeans
Person 1: what is that thing sticking out of your Nike fits?

Person 2: it's my socket, duhh.
by Jew-ish132 April 28, 2010
(juicey) ass sphincter
His chode pulsated in my socket
by john04 August 05, 2005
Scottish rhyming slang. A shortened version of "socket plug", ie "dug", which is how folks in these parts pronounce "dog". A munter, by any other name.
"See that burd Vinnie was oot wi the other night man? Whit a fuckin socket"
by joe kane February 03, 2004
... or ''suck it'' is a mean to politly ask a lady to pump your shit.

If the said lady doesnt want to socket, then repeat it very fast until she gets on her knee.
Guy: Socket, socket, socket, socket!
by henrycole February 08, 2009

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