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A person who wears their beanie lightly set upon their head, so that the beanie sticks out and it looks like they have a sock on their head
Adam: "whats up with that kids beanie?"

Brad: "oh dude thats a sock-head"
by honeysuckles September 30, 2009
When your girl pulls a nylon stocking down over her head and sucks your dick. The feel of her nylon lips and wet silky tongue against your shaft is such a rush. It also catches most of the spooge so she can choose to eat it or wear it.
Man: Its my birthday an I just got one wish...

Woman: Whats that babe...

Man: I want you to give me sockhead tonight!

Woman: Just let me bust out my pantyhose...
by Sockheadlover April 07, 2011
A person who has a weak chin or a fat neck so their profile looks like one of someone with a sock dragged over their head.
'man that girls got a fat neck!'
'yeah she's a right sock head'
by Joseph Croot February 21, 2008
Term to describe a fan of the late, great Mtv cult show Sifl & Olly. See also crescent fresh.
"Gawd, I'm such a sockhead."
"But dude, that's crescent fresh."
"Super cres."
by Spike Jonez October 24, 2004
When a man takes a sock and draws a funny face on the end of it and then puts it on his penis and runs around a public place flapping it side to side.
The football game was nice, but there was a sock head who ran out on the field during halftime.
by catfishio June 09, 2011
a girl who wears a sock over there ponytail. its a look. i guess.
wow look at that sock head
by charley May 16, 2004
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