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A person who wears their beanie lightly set upon their head, so that the beanie sticks out and it looks like they have a sock on their head
Adam: "whats up with that kids beanie?"

Brad: "oh dude thats a sock-head"
by honeysuckles September 30, 2009
In reference to a teacher, it is when one uses an exaggerated expression that doesn't progress in any point.
Teacher: "Of course I know what I'm doing, I've been teaching for half a decade!"

Student: "A
re you pulling an Aberman on me?"
by Honeysuckles December 21, 2013
a woman, that resembles a man.
when "royal" is placed before the word (Royal Troon)
this woman is probably the most ugly manly being roaming the earth's surface.
Eric: "dude have you seen the girl brad slept with on saturday?"

Zaq: "yeah dude! shes such a troon. he must have had one too many!"
by honeysuckles September 30, 2009
Someone that pretends your his friends to give people the impression that he is a cool guy
Adam: "So that kid brad randomly walked up to me and my friends yesterday and started acting like he knows us."

Zaq: "Bummer dude, sounds like you have a skeezer."
by honeysuckles September 30, 2009
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