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When two or more people put something heavy (like a bar of soap) in tube socks and repeatedly flail an unsuspecting victim.
Peter is being such a DB. He definitely deserves a sock party tonight.
by RandomThoughtGenerator March 26, 2010
to put a bar of soap in a sock and beat someone with it.

it doesnt cause bruises or leave marks. therefore noone will ever know what happened.
that bitch keeps talking shit. im bout to throw a damn sockparty!!!!
by playerhatin January 30, 2008
An informal gathering where appropriate attire for gentlemen is a sock over the genitals, and nothing else.
I wouldn't go in function room "C" if I were you, the Bristol Wheelchair Morris Dancer's Society are having their AGM, and it's turned into a Sock Party.
by Sock Party Dre November 07, 2010
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