An acronym used as name for a hardcore gang. Snigga's Official Council of All Stuff. They are based out of the streets of Brandon and are now causing mayhem worldwide. Members stretch across the globe reaching as far as Australia. Their godfather, Snigga, is a wanted criminal in 48 states, and 17 countries.
We best bounce fore dem SOCAS boys roll up.
by Snigga April 11, 2007

Serious Organised Crime Agency. Has been referred to by the UK media as Britains FBI. It is sponsored by the home office. But claims to opperate independently from the government. Soca officers can be given the powers of a police constable, customs officer or an immigration officer. The agency, its officers and operations are exempt from the freedom of information act in order to protect national security. Soca will also operate outside of the United Kingdom covertly. The National Hi-Tech Crimes Unit is now a division of Soca which previously operated independently. Soca's aims are to target drug trafficking, organised immmigration crime, private sector fraud and any other organised crime. The agency budget for 06/07 was stated publicly as £416m.
Pete - what the f*ck is soca?
Andy - Isn't that what the yanks call footie?
Pete - No, you twad, thats Soccer.
Andy - Oh right, so what the f*ck does soca mean?
Dave - Soca, Serious organised crime agency. I applied for a job last week, cunts turned me down.
by mockofoil May 18, 2007
Someone who is very bad at video games(Call of Duty for the most part) yet through sheer luck and/or gay tactics manages to get kills.

Word originates from SOCASOLDIER on xbox live who displayed these characteristics.
Damn that soca is lucky as hell.

They have the biggest soca on their team
by Clutch Mojo August 18, 2010
Type of Music... some what similer to Reggae but not quite da same. Especially from Islands.
Yaw like to listen to some real good Soca music? Did you go to da Soca party?
by P Dawg September 17, 2003
hoodrat in philipino language; word used by asians so they can mock others with their fob friends without anti-fobs knowing wat the hell they're talkin bout;alex
normal person: excuse me can u point me in the directon of the closest gas station?
fob: soca!
normal person: wat?!?!?!
fob:soca hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
normal person: I'm sorry I dont understand
fob:chi chang nana hachi bito pis soca!
normal person: wtf?!?!
by brendicanoe May 06, 2006

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