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What you suffer from lack of alcohol. Symptoms are such things as remembering where you live, walking straight, being able to have a conversation without breaking down into fits of laughter, etc...
Dude, i haven't had a drink in three hours... i'm starting to get symptoms of sobriety
by Neo-Generation November 06, 2003
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"fuck man, this sobriety thing bites...i can remember everything, and walk...and speak clearly!"
by Adalae August 31, 2007
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The state that is achieved (for instance) on monday about 2:30pm > 5:30pm, either at work or driving home, when you realizse that the headache you've had all day was a warning to your body that all the fun you had over the weekend had to finnish with the realization that it might not have been the best idea in the world to zip-tie your best friend, naked, to that cow (common milk or heafer will do) just before you superglued (him/her) to that riot wagon.
ITS A FUKIN COW DUDE, if you poke it, it will come,,,---
ok lets do this fast (relavent stumble), you got him naked yet???--- is the glue ready???,,,etc---, your gonna regret this when sobriety hits ya tommorow mofo, hehe
by Rippedd June 24, 2009
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what the police check when they stop you....
Policeman talking:
This is a sobriety check, you must do as I say! Hand behind head other hand up ass!
Now walk 9 steps heel to toe, Turn and bend over. OK!!
Part 2 put hand in pants pull bishop! OK!!

Next time keep yo hands out of ur pockets!
by itichie_nocanpo August 27, 2006
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