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1. Expression of acceptance as agreement or surrender.
2. Amen.
If you choose to crawl, so be it. If you choose to stroll, so be it. If you choose to fly, so be it.
by jaelee11 March 20, 2008
Words of acceptance or agreement.
Luke Skywalker:"I am a Jedi. Like my father before me.
*moment of silence*
Palpatine:"So be it...Jedi."
by Jedi_Master August 20, 2008
1. The worst mass effect 3 ending.

2. Accepting you have lost.

3. Trying to sound posh but coming off as retarded.
Star child: "do what you must" Shepard *shoots child* Star child "so be it"(in reaper voice) *wait wtf????*

"Well my much more attractive "friend" just slept with my GF well I'm screwed, meh so be it"

You: "it appears ive lost this bf4 game, so be it", Friend: "You wot m8"
by FlynnofAwesome July 12, 2014
1)Faggot who makes his own definitions
2)A person who gets raged easily
3)Not m3n
Sobeit: Myg0t powns yuo fgts! LOL LOL LOL
by lolraged May 06, 2005
SoBeit, noun - Deh UbEr 1337 PwnErEr

UBeR GaM0r 1337 VB6 CodeR SCM ManG!!!

SoBeit PwN DeH n00bz All DAY



by DeH HaX0R October 17, 2004
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