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used when describing something that is soooooo taguchi.
Barrett fucked a fattie again. That is soooo taguchi.
by Adam November 06, 2004
japanese for fuck you. also can be used to describe something very awesome.
So Taguchi Matt, you fucking gaylord!

Check out that chick's ass, its so taguchi!
by Si-diggity December 02, 2006
So Taguchi

1. To get really fucked up, almost fubaring.
2. Suck ass utility player of absolute no value on the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals. Jesus Christ he can't even field a fucking ball hit to the outfield.
1. Dude I'm So Taguchied off these 12 Natty Lights I just drank.

2. Fuckin So Taguchi just misplayed that ball in the outfield and the mother fucking Reds just scored two runs!
by DJ Sal T. Nuts August 27, 2006
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