From the Scandanavian word for "will warranty"
Jeff: Oh, I see this is a Snyder ticket.
Gary: I can get that covered for you. Its got a MAXCARE
by crockes March 12, 2008
To interrupt someone while they're speaking
I was telling a story to Erica, Lindsay, and Jeff, and Bobby walked up and snydered me right in the middle of it!
by Snegall's brother April 01, 2009
smelly shits in the morning
damn that snyder recks of shit
by Tyler Andeiancio February 13, 2007
A snyder is a homosexual fish that likes to suckle on male genetalia. The fish is found on the high mountains of Colorado generally within 25 miles of the Mexican Hamburgeusa stands located around the Federal boulevard area in Denver.
Hey man, did you see that snyder hanging off that dude's waist? He was having a nice hamburguesa with that suckle!
by Crimpets ala Scriblets May 02, 2008
has no friends and has a dream of becoming spiderman wen he grows up

and the gas station his dad owns sucks ass chips
hey jack im going to be spiderman for halloween

jack says dude im not your friend so go cry and pray with your dad

and the snyder kid says
but my dads gas staion sucks
by (*&^%$#@! December 11, 2007
The very common species is found in New England areas, they are mostly knows for the strange behaviors of staring and making there preditor feeling sad and dissapointed, these species also usually pretend to be jewish to get out of very tight situations, these wild beasts usually like teaching science classes and having very secret afairs with the Dlottis Maximus ( Look up dlott ), the Snyder are very territorial, by marking there territory the usually fling feces and bark, but most commonly, they have a giant circle and roll there feces into little balls and who ever has more balls of feces in the end claims the territory. These very strange animals are usually used for experiments and testing, there are many protest groups ( PETA ) who try to save these beasts.

Note- These animals have very huge asses
EX- I think that snyder is on the move again, lets make a move on it

Ex- "what are we havin for dinner Pa" " were havin fried squirl and snyder jim"
by Derpty Derp August 12, 2006
a blunt or joint that is completely jacked up. Either to loose, soaked in spit or runs like a african being chased by a tiger, thats a snyder.
Sheuy: yo this blunt is soaking in spit and the nugs are falling out its so loose. You rolled a straight snyder.

Matt: im sorry dude, i cant roll for shit.

Shuey: you shoulda let Ethan roll it
by Todd Bennison October 09, 2006

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