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Coined directly from the word 'snuggling', having a snugglybug is similar to a hug or cuddle, however lasts for a considerably longer period of time.

Usually enjoyed by a couple, snugglybugging is a very romantic and intimate activity that involves simply cuddling with your significant other, especially in cold weather under a warm blanket.

The 'bug' ending to the word snugglybug was added for a cutesy effect.
Mushroom Man : Hey honey, what are you in the mood for tonight?

Bunny : Hmm... I think we should order some takeout, get a DVD and... snugglybug?

Mushroom Man : BooYeah.
by ChocolatePudding21 May 19, 2010
That person whom you love dearly, and also love to snuggle with.
I love you snugglybug!
by greatgrandcheese August 24, 2013

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