Top Definition
- The act of cuddling a person in an affectionate and loving way

- A dangerously addictive act of social interaction

- The greatest thing ever invented by human kind

- A euphemism for performing sexual acts on a person

Lack of snuggin' in will leave a person in a state of emotional turmoil and great strife; it is advised that sufferers of snuggin' in deprivation seek immediate medical attention to prevent the development of hazardous negative emotions.
I have a serious case of snuggin' in deprivation.
by TheSnugMeister11 February 03, 2011
A term to describe cuddling, hugging, and other displays of affection with the your girl/boyfriend.

*This term originates all the way back to the grand discovery of the snug-tipped rose, a plant which held the secret of 'Snuggin' In'.*
What're we going to do after school?

We'll do a bit of Snuggin' In of course!
by Nerdfightergirl February 19, 2011
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