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Someone who resolves to quit smoking marijuana but only due to reasons beyond their control
Dealer: "aye mane I got sum butta gramz"
B Snuggin: "dawg I'm so broke I'm on a snuggin tip rite nah"
by J20s November 19, 2008
1. The act of wearing a snuggie.
2. Looking good while wearing a snuggie.
3. Wheeling chicks (or dudes) while wearing a snuggie.
1. hi mom im just snuggin over here.
2. Dang man you sure are snuggin today.
3. Man why did you have too c/b i was just snuggin those chicks.
by themastersnugger July 12, 2009
Two sexy attractive lovers who cuddle often.
I love you snuggins, your the best snuggler ever in the world.
by twisteechristie July 16, 2010
Super cuddly, and super attractive. Its a love name for lovers who cuddle often.
Your the best snuggins. I love the was you snuggle.
by Twistee420 July 15, 2010