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A nickname for Crazy Mo's (Mohammed Q. Pedophile, peace was never remotely close to him) imaginary friend, 'Allah'.
Based on the supposedly imaginary character Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street, whom nobody could see but Big Bird.
Crazy Mo asked Snuffallahpagus whether or not he should behead innocent civilians with whom he had a peace treaty. Snuffallahpagus said "Of course, but first rape them and steal their possessions!"
by Johnny Thesaurus February 16, 2008
The act of an uncircumcised male penis pulling his foreskin over a circumcised male penis.
John has a uncircumcised penis and Joe is circumcised, John and Joe's penis's are touching and John stretches his foreskin over Joe's penis giving him a Snuffallahpagus.
by Grey Skull March 14, 2016
A whoreish woman with large tits who takes advantage of young drunk high school boys for her own sexual pleasure, sometimes has STDs.
Snuffallahpagus fucked that kid on my couch last night, he was only 15!
by CrazedCountryRebel June 22, 2012
A sexual act where the male places his testicles over the his partners eyes and his shaft up and over his partners mouth. After doing so the partner takes the shaft into their mouth occationall pushing it out forcfully simulating the movements of an elephants trunk.
With my testicals and shaft in place you look like Snuffallahpagus!
by Docness December 02, 2010
a man with an abnormally large penis. Usually this man is but ass ugly and is a giant waste of a good dick.
"Well we were in the showers and snuffallahpagus came in and almost poked everyones eyes out. Ryan, there goes a waste of good dick right there."
by ShawnB91 January 05, 2010
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