1. To get beat up or punched in the face.

2. A type of movies that portrays real people actually getting murdered, tortured and raped.
1. Jay snuffed that wannabe thug in the face.

2. I've heard that snuff films are actually a myth.
by Striker122 November 29, 2009
Top Definition
1. (verb) To kill, assasinate, destroy, murder.
2. (adj.) A real (not staged) filmed murder; usually of raping and killing a woman. In some cases it is viewed for sexual arousal.
1. A lot of people got mugged and snuffed here.

2. There was this one underground snuff film of a guy getting tortured with a razor blade.
by PRican_Bebita July 30, 2003
Very fine tobacco to be used for snorting, traditionally taken by the English aristocracy.

The sign of a true gentleman is that he does not sneeze when he takes his snuff
by Anonymous March 04, 2003
A term that is used to describe an underworld/black market movie that portrays a violent murder scene. Except in snuff films, the actors are real people and the victim of the murder scene is actually killed on film.
I downloaded a snuff film on kazaa the other night. The poor young girl got her head blown off with a .45 caliber. I was sickened and disturbed by it for days after I watched it...
by X 2 Tha C November 28, 2004
To punch someone unexpectedly, or while he/she isn't looking.
At first they was just arguing, but then dude just snuffed the other cat out of nowhere, so it was on.
by spicaroni September 25, 2008
Videos or pictures depicting murder or rape, or any other violent act.
If you like watching snuff films, you're a sick fuck.
by cnjcnj October 28, 2007
to hit someone, to punch someone, to beat down someone.
I snuffed him good.

you shoulda seen craig last night man, he snuffed that kid good.
by mike1317 September 27, 2005
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