"to strike or attack hard; knock unconcious." derived from snuff - to put out/end.
Don't be a dick or i'll snuff you.
by turner February 24, 2005
a generic verb that can mean just about anything you want it to.
"Dude, that guy got snuffed twice!"
by DeWayne Mann March 10, 2004
(Verb, noun, or whatever) Snuff is basically a combination of the words "Snob" and "Bluff." It means ignoring a person or a thing but denies it afterwards when confronted.
My buddy used to be a snuff...
by bluesitaw January 12, 2009
Snuff is a combination of the words scene and enough, so you use it for people who are "snuff" (just a little bit scene)
Oh yeah, Maria is the queen of scene but I think her friend Crystal is just snuff
by Jennifer S. January 02, 2008
1. To beat the shit out of someone
1. That kid was pissin me off, I was about to snuff him.
by gdawg April 07, 2003
To die, kill, die out, etc.
I really want Diane to snuff it.
by Kaytee December 04, 2003
1. Fetish involving corpses (real or simulated) or death (necrophilia)
2. (less common) Fetish involving sexual contact with unconcious, sleeping, or heavily sedated individuals (usually women)
Tim likes his one-night stands to be as still as possible during their encounters-- maybe he's into snuff, too.
by Aileen April 21, 2003
a.) To give head
b.) usually from one man to another (batti man style)
You got snuffed Jake style.
by Migely November 19, 2006
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