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Ranging in age SnowSnobs are extreme individuals with an obsession for skiing and/or riding.
SnowSnobs are not really snobs at all but rather they appreciate the finer things the outdoors has to offer in Winter. SnowSnobs often have college degrees and can be found working low wage jobs to remain within close proximity to a ski area. Although SnowSnobs may possess the finest equipment in the land don't be fooled. They can be found crashing in vans at the hill or surfing on couches.
by Butter Stuff May 16, 2013
24 -1
A person, usually from the midwest or northern states, who makes fun of and harasses people from southern or western states who do not receive much snow. Snow snobs love to poke fun at two inches of snow shutting down public transportation and the school systems in these states. What snow snobs fail to realize is that snow-starved states are not equipped to handle much snowfall, since they rarely receive any.
Dude, stop being such a snow snob.
by colby-wan kenobi September 29, 2010
8 4