A snow bunny is a white bitch always at a black man's beck and call. Snow is wet and so is she; she's always ready to go whenever he wants it.
Yo, man, I got my snow bunny picking me up tonight.
by Candy Day December 08, 2011
a light skinned girl that has a beautiful figure but agressive personality. That is cuddle-able and a beauty to look at..
Did u see that snow bunny back there?
by Jah_BuGgyI March 31, 2010
A very tan blonde girl that is super hot and loves white boys with dreads that are named Branden Condy
Dayum bro look at that hot tan blonde girl
that is a snowbunny
by dirtygirl22 July 31, 2011
word describing an inside joke between whitley and taylor rizzae babby. needless to say, someone who is familiar with riding the slopes and/or having there slopes riden.
you took the damn skii lift dumb ass. TAYLOR you a fuckin snowbunny.
by forgot it April 26, 2008
a white woman who only dates black men because white men dont want her and black men are glad to take them. basically every white woman who brings a black man on Maury for a paternity test, extremely fat white women, white trash or just a down right unattractive white women.
Snow Bunny description: Kim and Khloe Kardashian, that fat white woman you saw with a skinny black guy at Walmart, white woman with braided hair and gold teeth.

Ron - did you see that big white girl with that black dude??

Greg- yeah she looks terrible! where i'm from we call her a snow bunny. most white men wouldn't touch her with a 10ft pole but black guys seem to love 'em.
by TruthHurtsBro February 21, 2013
A Caucasian female usually a BOSS, has class as well as street smarts. Count on the bunny being a blonde also.

Damm thats on hot Snow Bunny!
by WC SnowBunny October 21, 2008
white girl friend or ho
hey snow bunny! (accectionate way of usage)
Damn you'se a snow bunny, come over and show we what you're like!
by tom March 10, 2004
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