White girls between the ages of 12-18 that all have these characteristics: 1) They wear too much makeup 2) They wear leggings instead of pants or skirts 3) They have artificial tans 4) They have an either Spanish or Black boyfriend 5) They wear suggestive clothing 6)* Dyed hair

*Not always
Wow those SnowBunnies really need to chill with the eyeliner.
by Namor9196 December 17, 2009
Bristol Palin
A caucasian female who gives fellatios or other sexual favors very easily to a black man who can't bring her home to meet his family
Bristol Palin is a snowbunny because her unborn child's father maybe a black man.
by daughtercreole September 04, 2008
Ice queen and Fiona Pairing on Adventure Time.
I love the snow bunny pairing!
by Dissa1 December 11, 2011
A pimps definition of a white whore.
"The snowbunny sure brings in a whole lot more money than the other bitches."
by StephySnow September 11, 2005
Token white bitch in a pimp's stable
She my snow bunny. You know Daddy gotta have his one snow bunny!
by BigBadBadtzMaru September 17, 2011
girls at party's that snort coke off 12 inch dicks.
yo check that snow bunny hitting off bill
by joo-ish September 27, 2010
white-gals or often called W.B.'s for white bitches
where the snow bunnies at.
by wes tate March 03, 2005

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