To put someone through a great deal of suffering as a result of snoring - i.e. keep them awake.
Every time you go out drinking you come home and snorture me, please stop!
by sammyc March 29, 2012
Top Definition
The perfect combination of the word Snore and Torture!
Ugh! That racket she made last night was total, agonising Snorture! I think my ears are bleeding!
by rufflesal July 25, 2014
to get tortured, in an innocent way (e.g. poke-tickling), causing a person (read: kid) to laugh but be mad at the same time.
poke-tickling your 10 year old nephew, under the arm, tell him you will stop when he stops laughing, which he cannot do. use it as a form of intimidation when multiple nephew's and nieces (cousins) are all together, usually as a threat to make them all scream and run around asking for 'no more snorture'..
by debuke January 14, 2012
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